Hello friends,

 To set up your account on our fillDrop platform

 > Go to our website www.FillDrop.com   .Click on the >Get App< option and then you are automaticlly redirrect on the Google Play Store. Install our app       and open it.  When you start app you get an login menu there,if you don’t have login id or password,

Click on Sign up button and Sign in the FILLDrop application.

To set up your account, Open the FillDrop  app, a login page will open in front of you. If you do not have a login ID and password, then you click on the sign up button below, after that Form page will open in front of you ,then upload your document on form and click Sign In , after that you will get your login ID and password.               your account is setup now  After this, if you have to fill any exam form in futur  at any time, then you have to login with your login ID and password and select the exam, your data will be safe with us, we will upload it and your exam form will be done.

The FillDrop app is support in all type of version of Android.

This application is very safe. All your documents will be absolutely safe on our cloud storage, apart from this your personal information will also be safe and we promise that your personal information will not be sent on anywhere.This app will not read any other or personal data of your phone, will only fill up the form .

This app, along with filling your form, will also provide you some other facilities like, Daily news,important video links for prepration, latest exam update, book library, important books,results and their updates etc.With whom we will sent your  admit card of your exam and its result on Gmail and on your phone by SMS.

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